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We provide flexible staffing solutions to our customers and employees at the highest level of integrity and are continually developing new and unique strategies that benefit those we serve.
TA Staffing

“TA Staffing has great customer service. They are extremely efficient when processing invoices and are always there to help with any questions.”

—Codie, Remar Inc.

“TA Staffing not only delivers people with the proper hard skills for our immediate needs, but also people with the proper personal characteristics to meet our long term needs.”

—Mark, Wirtgen America

“They treat you like family and I couldn’t have a better employer. I’m happy working for this company and I give it rave ratings.”


Hire the Right Fit—Fast!

TA Staffing is ready to deliver quality candidates to quickly fill your key positions. With our in-depth screening process you can be confident that you will receive the best talent in a timely-manner. Ready to partner with us? Contact us to get started.

Hire Smarter with Custom Digital Interview

Ready to interview 10 candidates in 30 minutes, on your own time-frame? Check out our new on-demand digital interview division.