The Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Agency

May 19, 2023


Whether you are in the job market or hiring your own staff, there are several benefits to partnering with a staffing company like TA Staffing. Here are some reasons why people choose to work with staffing companies: For Job Seekers: Access to Opportunities: Staffing companies have connections with various employers across different industries. They can […]


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5 Professional Development Tips for Light Industrial Associates

April 24, 2023


The light industrial sector offers numerous opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Here are some tips on how to grow professionally in this field: Take Advantage of Training Opportunities: Most companies in the light industrial sector offer training programs to help employees improve their skills and knowledge. Take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your […]


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Two Million Manufacturing Jobs Could Go Unfilled by 2030

September 29, 2022


According to a study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, the manufacturing skills gap in the U.S. could result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030. The cost of those missing jobs could potentially total $1 trillion in 2030 alone. The study’s findings derive from online surveys of more than 800 U.S.-based manufacturing executives, leaders, […]


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What Job Seekers Should Expect in 2022

December 15, 2021


Will 2022 remain an applicant’s market? 2021 was the unprecedented state of the labor market resulting in “The Great Resignation”. Businesses that were eager to reopen after pandemic shutdowns couldn’t hire enough staff to meet the demand. Corporations across the country rolled out big signing bonuses and lavish benefits to average applicants. Labor Shortages Will […]


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How Technology is creating greater diversity in hiring practices

March 18, 2021


Every business wants to hire the best available talent, and today’s technology is rapidly moving toward a consistent and objective process that supports greater diversity and engagement. (Bonus: These tech advances also allow for safely hiring during a pandemic.) According to Forbes, a diverse workforce yields 19% higher profits than those with uniform employees, yet […]


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TA Staffing Announces Seventh Location in Clarksville, TN

January 29, 2021


TA Staffing is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our seventh location in Clarksville, TN. TA Staffing has a reputable history of serving the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky regions for over 30 years. This expansion came as no surprise when the demand for talent rose in the Clarksville area.  Leading this endeavor was […]


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Phase III and What That Means for Your Business

June 24, 2020


Nashville shifted into Phase Three of Mayor John Cooper’s reopening plan Monday. Public health officials will keep the city in Phase Three for at least four weeks or until July 20, with a chance of the restrictions being extended. The city’s 14-day case trend remains elevated, but the Coronavirus Task Force said hospital capacity is […]


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5 Tips for Getting Hired During COVID

May 22, 2020


The news broke today that the U.S. unemployment rate had reached 14.7% — the highest rate since the Great Depression. This information can be daunting as you realize just how much competition there must be for open roles. And while more Americans are actively searching for jobs than we’ve seen in decades, there are still companies hiring. If […]


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Eliminate the Candidate Black Hole

February 18, 2020


The black hole is a common phenomenon in the HR space-time continuum, and you may have one bending the fabric of your recruiting funnel. Having a black hole in your hiring funnel is toxic to your candidate experience. Organizations with black holes have longer time to hire, greater cost per hire, and poor employee engagement. A black […]


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