Why You Should be Job Searching Over the Holidays

December 26, 2019


Despite all the distractions of the holidays, if you really are committed to finding yourself the perfect job in 2020, you must take a proactive approach to job searching during at least some of your time off.

Many job seekers will put off job searching over the festive period. Others will postpone job searching until the New Year, typically associating it with “new year’s resolutions” as opposed to holiday activity. Therefore, you can get a head start on the competition by updating and sending out your resume as soon as you start your Christmas break.

While many departments will be starting to slow down, senior stakeholders, including hiring managers, will still be checking their emails.  These stakeholders will be feeling less busy, and therefore more receptive to the applications that are sent through. Therefore, this is your chance to grab their attention during their quietest period.

January can also be the peak time for hiring the people to implement these new workforce needs, especially if companies have just been given their annual hiring budget. In addition, hiring decisions won’t get made if certain people aren’t in the office. January is when key decision-makers to return from their Christmas break; ready to lead the business into the New Year.