Eliminate the Candidate Black Hole

February 18, 2020


The black hole is a common phenomenon in the HR space-time continuum, and you may have one bending the fabric of your recruiting funnel.

Having a black hole in your hiring funnel is toxic to your candidate experience. Organizations with black holes have longer time to hire, greater cost per hire, and poor employee engagement. A black hole is created when a super dense mass of resumes, unengaged candidates, and forgotten applicants pile up inside of your ATS.

The best way to solve the black hole is through increasing engagement. When you pair your ATS with a candidate engagement platform like Text recruiting, digital interviews, or chatbots- you have all the tools you need to solve your black hole problem.

Create more opportunities to engage
Deploy chatbots or text recruiting on your job ads to engage job seekers and answer any FAQs they may have about your position. With chatbots you can place candidates directly in touch with a recruiter or chatbot. Stop the black hole problem from the beginning by creating more opportunities to engage.

When candidates hear from your company immediately, they know that their application hasn’t entered the black hole.

Eliminate redundant application questions
Stop forcing applicants to rewrite their resumes into your application. Make it easy for applicants to submit their information with a simple resume upload. Then use a recruiting AI like Ari to send them meaningful screening questions. 

Give your recruiters the tools they need to succeed
Some recruiters are managing 30+ job openings with hundreds of candidates for each position all at different stages in their hiring journey. Without the right candidate engagement tools providing a transparent candidate experience becomes as difficult as summiting Everest without oxygen and crampons.

With platforms like digital interviews, your recruiter can send a first-round interview to every candidate within ten minutes. Your organization will engage everyone in your recruiting funnel regardless of whether you intend to hire them.

Survey and solicit feedback from candidates at every stage in your process
Use platforms like SurveyMonkey to get feedback from job seekers, applicants, candidates, new hires, and employees. Measuring your processes will help guide your actions to produce high ROI on process improvements.

Reinvent and educate your organization
Your recruiters may have created highly efficient processes for sourcing, recruiting, and screening candidates. No doubt these current processes work and work well. After all, you’re still filling your positions.

However, with your current processes solving the black hole problem may seem all but impossible. That’s because most recruiting processes ignore a powerful set of tools that are new to our industry.