Professional Staffing

Leaving Professional Staffing to the Experts

At TA Staffing, we understand professionalism and the importance of specialized industries. That’s why we leave it up to the experts. Our sister company, Talntly, will help align your professional services team to meets performance goals. With Talntly as your recruiting partner, we will deliver talent with the right skills, expertise, and cultural fit to succeed in your organization.

Why Work with TA Staffing?

At TA Staffing, we understand your workforce is your most valuable asset. Whether you’re looking to ramp up quickly or just need flexibility in your workforce, we’re here to help you find the employment solution that makes sense for your organization. We take our role as your workforce partner seriously and have been helping businesses of all sizes manage their workforces effectively for over 35 years.


  • TA Staffing is a great communicator with a passion for excellence. They have made a huge impact on our staffing situation. They consistently provide us with strong candidates.

    Jim O, Manufacturing Operations Manager

  • TA Staffing has worked very hard to get to know us as business and know our employment needs. This is very important to us and shows they the extra step to support their clients in providing the right fit.

    Haley M, HR Generalist

  • This company is wonderful to partner with. They are extremely responsive to request and consistently send us great candidates. I highly recommend TA Staffing to anyone looking for employment solution.

    Marcus P, Production Manager

  • I've worked with a lot of temp services, but TA staffing is by far the most professional and helpful. It's not just a job to them, it seems like they genuinely care about your needs, and they place you at the jobs that you're best suited for.

    Ronnie S

  • I had a great experience with TA. They helped me to secure a really good job and the staff is above professional. I ask anyone who is looking for job placement to contact them asap. You will not regret it!

    Cory C.

  • The people who work here are pretty fantastic. If you need a job this is a great place to go. They'll get you straightened out in a timely fashion and have you leaving with a smile on your face.

    Ty S.

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